Healthy Life Starts With Electrolyzed Reduced Water


Hi, my name is Ngoc (Noc) Tai and I am excited to welcome you here!

I am a mother with a fast-growing teenager and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). I also am an entrepreneur that loves to build businesses that benefit me, my family, our environment, and helping like minded individuals do the same.

All my life, I’ve been a very health-conscious person. I cook healthy meals, don’t eat junk food or drink soda, and am a lightweight when it comes to alcohol (one glass of wine and I have the Asian glow). But in March 2019, I experienced a wake-up call. Unexpectedly, I was suffering from intense lower back pain, unable to work or walk without sheer pain for two weeks. I tried gentle stretching, foam rolling, hot heating pads, cold packs, and infrared lamps; nothing worked.

Finally, I went to the doctor. Thirty minutes, $537, one cortisone shot and two prescriptions later, I left with a diagnosis of, and treatment for, inflammation. After two days, my stomach began cramping and I had to stop taking the medication.

That’s when my co-worker generously loaned me her electrolyzed water system to see if it would better hydrate me and allow my body to heal itself. I drank the water for 14 days, felt more fully hydrated, my morning headache disappeared, and my lower back pain subsided. I became pain-free and could go back to work and do things that bring me joy. I make no medical claims to the electrolyzed reduced water. What the water did was to help restore homeostatic balance within my body due to lack of oxygen to the cells, acidity in the body and dehydration from the quality of water and amount of water I drink.

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