Healthy Life Starts With Electrolyzed Reduced Water


You may already know that your body is 70%-75% water, which is why water is essential to your existence. Your liver is 90% water, brain 85%, blood 83%, and bones are 35%. Your body instinctively prioritizes water distribution to other organs before your bones and skin. This is why, as you age, your bones break more easily, and your skin and membranes become drier.


Compared to other third world countries, our tap water is a reliable, continuous source of water. However, our tap water includes groundwater contaminated with lead, chemicals, residual pharmaceutical medications, and more – Plus, municipalities continually add chlorine and other harmful chemicals to the water to prevent bacterial contamination and keep it within the regulatory water standards –


Even with reputable bottled water brands, it’s difficult to know the true quality and source of the water, and in many cases, its pH level is acidic when tested. Also, consider that test companies found microplastics in 93% of tested bottle samples – And sadly, 91% of plastic bottles are not recycled –


Reverse osmosis water or other water purifying systems remove chemicals but also often strip out important minerals and electrolytes, which your body needs. Drinking this water is sometimes worst than regular tap water as tap water contains important minerals and electrolytes; get more information for these filtration systems.


You will find several other sources of ionized water out there. But they don’t make the clean and ionize charged water to the same level as Enagic’s ionizers and are not able to claim the same certifications as Enagic. Also, with other water machines that use non-medical grade metals in the ionizing process, you could be unknowingly digesting the metals as they deteriorate. Be sure to research, understand the machine’s specifications, its ionizing process, and the company’s certifications before you buy.

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